Rogers Fire Nuggets Wholesale Order Form

Please use this convenient form to place your order for Rogers Fire Nuggets -- bulk orders.  Minimum quantity for this Special Introductory/Wholesale Pricing is 10 packages, any size combination (e.g., 5 3-packs, 3 5-packs, and 2 9-packs).  Please contact us for any retail pricing request or to place your order by telephone or email:  Toll free 1-888-927-7473 Ext. 3; Email

Open landscape in winter with campfire in the foreground and forested area in the distance, and Rogers Fire Nuggets logo at right.

Trail Groomer Starter Bundle $77.50 Cdn/ea Wholesale
Club Service/Fundraising Pack $150.00 Cdn/ea Wholesale
Choose from among these convenient package combinations to simplify the order process.
3-pack $2.50 Cdn/ea Wholesale
6-pack $5.00 Cdn/ea Wholesale
9-pack $7.50 Cdn/ea Wholesale
Mix and match to create your own personal bundle of Rogers Fire Nuggets.

Rogers Fire Nuggets