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Finding the Right Fit for a Passion-filled Career

Kerry - A Career Success Story

Kerry Reed, age 26, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, had a passion for working with technology from a young age. What she struggled with was finding the right career supports and learning environment to find meaningful employment in the technology sector. She found the answers she’d been looking for in 2021 when she discovered Make A Change Canada’s Tech Diversity Online program.

“I have ADHD, which is a challenge on its own,” says Kerry. “I tried to learn on my own and wasn’t able to commit and go back to it.”

Kerry refers to her career as that of a journey. She worked in a number of roles that included working as a construction flag person and as a care worker for children and adults with disabilities. Although some of these roles were rewarding, Kerry’s passion for technology never left her.

Kerry went on a mission to locate a program that offered the right supports. Deep into her search, Kerry happened upon a public service announcement for Make A Change Canada. She describes this coincidental flash across her television screen as a defining moment that guided her towards the right path.

“I was walking past the TV and it just popped up,” Kerry said. At the time, she had not heard of Make A Change Canada, and quickly adds, “I saw an opportunity and I took it!”

Kerry maintains that she uses every single skill that Make A Change Canada taught her in the program.

She immediately applied for the Tech Diversity Online program in 2021, and received a call the next day from Mary Alton, the Program Manager.

The career assistance and skills training she received through Tech Diversity Online assisted Kerry in getting ready to work in her newfound vocation. She says that Melissa Hejja, Employment Specialist, helped her update her resume and write a cover letter. She attributes those additional supports to the numerous new job opportunities she received.

“This is what I was meant to do! It was the journey I was going on,” says Kerry. “It’s given me a lot more confidence on who I am. I know where I’m going, and knowing what I’m doing every day is contributing to the future I’d like for myself. I have more confidence. I’m happy and content on the direction I’m going on.”

“It’s mind over matter, and a mindset… if you believe you can do it, then you can do it."

In 2021 Kerry completed the Applied Web Development and Design certificate program at the introductory and advanced levels. With her new IT skills in hand, Kerry gained the skills she needed to compete for jobs in today’s tight labour market. She maintains that she uses every single skill gained during her IT skills training through the program.

Kerry has been working in her field for an e-commerce company. She is responsible for their social media marketing and worked on their Shopify website. Asked if she has any regrets, Kerry says she wishes she was able to get into a job as soon as the program was completed so that the finer details of the course remained clear. She quickly adds that she is able to easily “figure it out again.”

Kerry recommends Make A Change Canada to all of her friends. As for Kerry’s plan for the future, she says the following, “I want to get into cyber security, build software, and learn the language on how the software works.” She has a passion for cyber security and internet safety and hopes to build a process for websites.

When asked what advice she would offer to others facing similar challenges in their career paths, Kerry reflects, “People hear it (coding) is hard and are afraid of it. It’s mind over matter, and a mindset… if you believe you can do it, then you can do it.”

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