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Success Stories

Photo of Dave Carragher standing and smiling in his kitchen stirring a pot of noodles.

Dave - A Career Success Story

Dishing up a New Business: Blind Man Cooking

Dave Carragher, age 37, from the small rural town of Meadow Bank, P.E.I., enjoys cycling, triathlons, running races, and spending time with his friends, his family, and his two dogs—Moose and Arlo. Dave’s active lifestyle also includes his passion for cooking and baking. In 2012 Dave earned his Diploma in Family Science from the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), but he still faced challenges finding a job that would meet his accessibility needs and provide a sustainable income, given his severe visual impairment.

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Photo of Rosella Derksen seated in a wheelchair with an office desk and her laptop computer and external monitor in the background.

Rosella - A Career Success Story

Remote Work Experience Placement Fills a 20-year Employment Gap

Rosella Derksen, from Chilliwack, British Columbia, looks forward to getting out of bed every morning and working from home on her computer. However, this is actually a new development for Rosella, and one that has brought her great joy. For most of her adult life Rosella has been separated from the workforce, all due to circumstances beyond her control. In 1991, while Rosella was still completing high school, she was in a severe and debilitating car accident. Sixteen years old at the time, Rosella’s prospects for the future changed, and she never had the same chance as others to enter the workforce as a young adult.

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Photo of Nathalie Mallette at her desk with her hand behind her head.

Nathalie - A Career Success Story

Landing the Perfect Job Opportunity After 50: A Personal Story of Success

Reflecting back to the year 1997, Nathalie Mallette, a proud French-Canadian woman living in Lachute, Quebec, at that time, recalls how well her life was going. At 27, she had a successful career as a hairdresser and a beautiful 14-month-old daughter. This was all about to change overnight due to an unforeseen and unusual accident that would occur while Nathalie received care in the hospital.

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Woman holding book open leaning against a bookshelf, filled with many colourful books.

Wendy - A Career Success Story

Reclaiming the Dream to Become a Published Writer

Wendy Tarasoff, from Penticton, British Columbia, has had a lifelong dream of becoming a professional writer. Unfortunately, a number of personal challenges and setbacks stood in Wendy’s way. She was a single mother and also struggled with literacy to the point, as Wendy puts it, that she had developed “her own language” as a child growing up.

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Photo of Hakeem smiling, standing outside with a marina behind him.

Hakeem - A Career Success Story

Creating a New Business to Inspire and Help Others

In June 2020, Hakeem Kareem Al-Zayyidi from Victoria, British Columbia, had just graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Royal Roads University. Hakeem was feeling optimistic for his future, but then the world began to shut down as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Things seemed to be moving in a backward direction considering that Hakeem had received a $2,000 scholarship from the B.C. Schizophrenia Society’s Yes2Me Scholarship Program in 2019, which helped him successfully complete his studies and graduate.

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Photo of Katherine wearing a green dress standing indoors with an abstract painting in the background.

Katherine - A Career Success Story

Remote Work Supports a Dream Career

Katherine Gallagher, from Peterborough, Ontario, says that being on the autism spectrum eliminated so many of the traditional employment options for her. At the same time, she recognized that the solution may be in remote work. She searched for remote opportunities on her own, but couldn’t find legitimate work-from-home employment options that were a fit.

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Photo of Kerry wearing a red dress sitting at a desk and working on a laptop computer.

Kerry - A Career Success Story

Finding the Right Fit for a Passion-filled Career

Kerry Reed, age 26, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, had a passion for working with technology from a young age. What she struggled with was finding the right career supports and learning environment to find meaningful employment in the technology sector. She found the answers she’d been looking for in 2021 when she discovered Make A Change Canada’s Tech Diversity Online program.

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