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Histoires de réussite

Wendy - A Career Success Story

Reclaiming the Dream to Become a Published Writer

Wendy Tarasoff, from Penticton, British Columbia, has had a lifelong dream of becoming a professional writer. Unfortunately, a number of personal challenges and setbacks stood in Wendy’s way. She was a single mother and also struggled with literacy to the point, as Wendy puts it, she had developed “her own language” growing up as a child.

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Katherine - A Career Success Story

Remote Work Supports a Dream Career

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Katherine Gallagher, from Peterborough, Ontario, says that being on the autism spectrum eliminated so many of the traditional employment options for her. At the same time, she recognized that the solution may be in remote work. She searched for remote opportunities on her own, but couldn’t find legitimate work-from-home employment options that were a fit.

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Kerry - A Career Success Story

Finding the Right Fit for a Passion-filled Career

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Kerry Reed, age 26, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, had a passion for working with technology from a young age. What she struggled with was finding the right career supports and learning environment to find meaningful employment in the technology sector. She found the answers she’d been looking for in 2021 when she discovered Make A Change Canada’s Tech Diversity Online program.

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